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More Grass, Higher Quality, Better Returns with FPA

Developed by NZ owned and operated company FPA NZ, Fine Particle Application (FPA) is a high performance solid fertiliser distribution system designed to improve the efficiency of fertiliser use in the Agricultural sector.

Fertiliser applied through the FPA system is scientifically proven to achieve; greater yields per kg of nutrient applied, faster growth, stronger recovery and  longer lasting results while significantly reducing fertiliser losses to the environment. 

This is all achieved through greater surface coverage of solid fertiliser with the FPA distribution system.

FPA NZ has developed technology for aerial and groundspread application available nationwide.

Improve fertiliser efficency today and discover your pasture's true potential with FPA.

How Does Fine Particle Application (FPA) Work?

Fine Particle Application (FPA) is an improved distribution system for solid fertiliser. It is important to understand that FPA is not a fertiliser product or additive but an application technology designed to improve fertiliser efficiency and performance through greater surface coverage of fertiliser on the ground, achieving more grass per kg of nutrient applied than traditional application methods.

Fine Particle Application achieve's complete surface coverage of solid fertiliser, removing the ‘hit and miss’ approach of isolated granules which rely on climate conditions to breakdown and spread out to plants. Fine Particle Application of solid fertiliser achieves perfect surface coverage on the day of application.

What's Different About FPA Spreading?

FPA NZ has upgraded the existing fertiliser delivery system by adding one extra  step into the application process.  

Prior to application fertiliser granules are ground into a fine particle form thereby achieving a uniform particle size while also transforming a mix of different fertilisers into a high quality compound blend. 

This fertiliser is then applied to pasture through groundspread or aerial application technology, specially designed by FPA NZ.

This extra step in the application process occurs on farm through FPA Direct or FPA Air technologies. 

Why Upgrade To Fine Particle Application?

Return on Investment

Increase your extra dry matter production by 2 - 3 times through efficiency of use of fertiliser applied in fine particle form. Significantly reduce your costs in dry matter production. Better returns are measured in milk, wool and meat production.


Improve soil condition, biological activity and plant available nutrient through greater surface coverage of fertiliser to soil and plants – (1 large fertiliser granule becomes hundreds of smaller particles).


Pasture density and even growth are greatly improved though increased surface coverage of nutrient to every plant.


Quality of pasture relates directly to improved animal weight gains, increased milk production and animal condition.


Reduce leaching by 50%

Reduce emissions by 14%

Increase water use efficiency by 38%

Precise application of fertiliser to productive areas; no drift, no runoff, no application into waterways or unproductive areas.

Proven Technology - High Performance Distribution

There are two steps to achieving optimum fertiliser efficiency with FPA NZ Technologies:

  1. On Farm Processing: FPA technologies process the customised granular fertiliser blend into a fine particle compound fertiliser, which is made into a suspension ready for delivery.
  2. Fertiliser Distribution: The fine particle suspension is then distributed accurately and evenly to the treatment area via FPA Direct or FPA Air application technologies.

FPA NZ Technologies achieve:

  • On farm processing of fine particle fertiliser - no factories, no tankers or double handling
  • Customised compound fertiliser blends - specific to your farms requirements
  • Single pass applications - save on application costs by combining a number of applications into one; fertiliser (solid and liquid), herbicides, insecticides, biological additives, lime
  • Fertiliser direct from your preferred supplier and bulk store 
  • Control of placement fertiliser is at all times controlled - no drift, no dust.

FPA Ground Spread Technology

FPA NZ’s latest development is FPA Direct a ground spread system which processes granular fertiliser into a fine particle fertiliser while spreading! Ideal for following behind the dairy rotations.

FPA Arial Spread Technology

FPA NZ have developed on-farm fine particle fertiliser processing technology for aerial application by helicopter. FPA NZ's aerial technology saves on flying costs with movable loading sites across your  property.

FPA Science

At FPA NZ we are results focused. Our technologies have been put to the test nationwide and are scientifically proven to improve the efficiency of fertiliser use. We stand behind published papers and peer reviewed science in the form of University PHD studies and fertiliser industry trials on the efficiency of FPA vs Granular application.

FPA has been in development since 1985, since the beginning FPA NZ has been involved with a large number of independently run trials evaluating nutrient inputs, soil nutrient levels and pasture response to both fertilisers applied in fine particle form and granulated forms.

Talk to your local FPA Field Consultant for details of research carried out in your region.

You can be confident in the Fine Particle Application system. While we have the science, for us it has always been about the results we achieve for you. Contact your local FPA Field Consultant to discuss the FPA NZ on-farm monitor programme and see the change for yourself.

You Can Be Confident With FPA

The main driving force behind the success of Fine Particle Application of fertiliser is through improved utilisation of fertiliser nutrient, that is, capturing nutrient that would have been lost to the environment through traditional methods and direct

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Can I add chemicals into my FPA fertiliser application?

Yes, most agricultural chemicals can be incorporated and spread with the fine particle application system. These include; gibberellic acid, insecticides, herbicides, trace elements and biological additives.

When chemicals are applied with fertiliser the uptake of chemical is markably enhanced. Talk to your FPA consultant today if considering this option with your fertiliser application. 

Does fertiliser applied FPA last as long as fertiliser applied as granular?

One perception of fertiliser applied FPA is because the product is finely ground and applied as a suspension, the fertiliser response will be quick and won’t last as long as fertiliser applied in granular form. From the extensive on farm monitoring done over the last 20 years, we can conclude that the opposite applies.  This is because on the day of application every plant receives an even distribution of solid fertiliser nutrient. Fertiliser applied in granular form on the day of application is not evenly distributed to every plant and is contained as an isolated concentration of nutrient designed to feed a number of plants.

To achieve even distribution of solid fertiliser in granular form the fertiliser has to move sideways through the soil structure which solid fertiliser cannot do. The FPA distribution system is designed to achieve total solid fertiliser coverage on the day of application, there is no reliance on fertiliser to move from where it lands because it is already there. 

How effective are minerals applied in fine particle form?

FPA is proven to be the most effective way to apply trace elements to pasture for stock health. Fine particle application of minerals significantly enhances the uptake of minerals in the plant. 

This is very effective system for raising mineral levels in pasture resulting in improved stock health. 

How long till I can graze my stock on pasture that has been fertilised FPA?

Fine particle application of fertiliser should be treated no differently to pasture fertilised with any other method of application. With FPA, fertiliser shifts off the plant foliage into the soil overnight with dew. 

Ideally pasture should be left for a few days post application prior to grazing. In our experience of over 20 years we have not incurred any stock health issues with grazing of fertilised pasture.

Is FPA a form of liquid fertiliser?

No, FPA is term for suspension fertiliser whereby the solid fertiliser particles are suspended with a small amount of water at a ratio of 80% solid to 20% water. The water is added to achieve 100% control of the fine fertiliser product. The FPA system is directly comparable to mixing and spreading of cement with is also a suspension distribution method.

Water in a cement suspension evaporates leaving the solid product evenly spread, the same principle applies to fertiliser applied in fine particle form.

Is FPA more cost effective than granular application?

Yes, fertiliser efficiency is significantly improved through fine particle application achieving more grass per kg nutrient applied compared granular application.

Fine particle application‘s improved efficiency halves the cost of dry matter production. 

Is rain required immediately after application to activate the fertiliser?

The requirement for rain post application with FPA is less than granular because the nutrient is already perfectly distributed across the surface of the plants and soil and only requires an overnight dew to activate it.

Fertiliser response is always enhanced by optimum climate conditions of moisture, soil temperature and sunlight.

Who supplies fertiliser for FPA?

You do. At FPA we are not fertiliser company we do not supply fertiliser. At FPA we coordinate the entire process for you from soil testing and recommendations to ordering fertiliser from your preferred supplier to application and monitoring of results.

One of the key effiencies to FPA is sourcing your fertilieer from your normal supplier and the normal retail price. 

Contact FPA

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