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Proven Technology - High Performance Distribution

There are two steps to achieving optimum fertiliser efficiency with FPA NZ Technologies:

  1. On Farm Processing: FPA technologies process the customised granular fertiliser blend into a fine particle compound fertiliser, which is made into a suspension ready for delivery.
  2. Fertiliser Distribution: The fine particle suspension is then distributed accurately and evenly to the treatment area via FPA Direct or FPA Air application technologies.

FPA NZ Technologies achieve:

  1. On farm processing of fine particle fertiliser - no factories, no tankers or double handling
  2. Customised compound fertiliser blends - specific to your farms requirements
  3. Single pass applications - save on application costs by combining a number of applications into one; fertiliser (solid and liquid), herbicides, insecticides, biological additives, lime
  4. Fertiliser direct from your preferred supplier and bulk store 
  5. Control of placement fertiliser is at all times controlled - no drift, no dust.


FPA Ground Spread Technology

FPA NZ’s latest development is FPA Direct a ground spread system which processes granular fertiliser into a fine particle fertiliser while spreading! Ideal for following behind the dairy rotations.



FPA Aerial Spread Technology

FPA NZ have developed on-farm fine particle fertiliser processing technology for aerial application by helicopter. FPA NZ's aerial technology saves on flying costs with movable loading sites across your  property. 




FPA Science

At FPA NZ we are results focused. Our technologies have been put to the test nationwide and are scientifically proven to improve the efficiency of fertiliser use. We stand behind published papers and peer reviewed science in the form of University PHD studies and fertiliser industry trials on the efficency of FPA vs Granular application.

FPA has been in development since 1985, since the beginning FPA NZ has been involved with a large number of independently run trials evaluating nutrient inputs,  soil nutrient levels and pasture response to both fertilisers applied in fine particle form and granulated forms.

Talk to your local FPA Field Consultant for details of research carried out in your region.

You can be confident in the Fine Particle Application system. While we have the science, for us it has always been about the results we achieve for you. Contact your local FPA Field Consultant to discuss the FPA NZ on-farm monitor programme and see the change for yourself.