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On Farm Monitoring Service - Compare Results Yourself

At FPA we believe fertiliser recommendations and applications are only part of nutrient management programme which is why we have developed an on farm monitoring service to record the growth responses you achieve from your fertiliser applications. Fertiliser is one of your largest annual investments – at FPA NZ we believe you need to know what return you are achieving for that investment.

Our on farm monitoring service is an industry first initiative which we offer to all clients as a complimentary service

With on farm monitoring you will be involved with the set up, measuring and recording of results with your FPA NZ Field Consultant. Each quarter you will be provided a report on the results so you can make informed decisions about your future fertiliser requirements.



Cost Efficiency

As well as being the most efficient fertiliser application system for pasture production, Fine Particle Application is the most cost efficient. This is due to the increased yields you achieve through improved utilisation of fertiliser, this in turn reduces the cost per kg of dry matter you produce.

  • Granular application of N gives an average 10:1 growth response that is 10kg grass growing for 1kg of N applied.
  • Fine Particle Application of the same 1kg of N achieves an average growth response of 30:1 that’s 30kg of extra grass, three times that of granular application of the same N.
Feed required Kg DM100010002000
Application Method Granular FPA FPA
Response Ratio 10:1 30:1 30:1
N required (units) 100 33 66
Urea required 217 72 144
Product Cost (80c/kg) $174 $58  
On Farm Processing ($) - $10  
Application ($) $33 $27  
Total Cost Applied $207 $95 $207
Cost/KgDM 20.7c 9.5c 9.5c


By choosing to use FPA to apply fertiliser you are provided with more pasture production options for feed budgeting than any other system.




We are Local and Independent

FPA NZ is not a fertiliser company, we provide an independent service and prespective.

By choosing to work with FPA NZ for your fertiliser programme you will:

  1. Be working with a local Field Consultant who knows your area
  2. Purchase fertiliser from your preferred supplier at the normal retail price
  3. Source fertiliser from your local fertiliser store
  4. Use transport companies you know and trust
  5. Have local operators to apply your fertiliser with the FPA system. 

FPA NZ continues its focus to become New Zealands main stream fertiliser application system, as a New Zealand owned and operated company FPA NZ is keen to support local businesses.